In A World of Before & After Pictures

It’s the “During” Where Real Transformation Takes Place

In a time when the media, and your own observations, tell you that our society is the fattest it has ever been, have no doubt that there are also more physically fit and powerful people on the planet now, than ever before. The fitness industry has built bridges to allow people to cross from one lifestyle to the other, and they do their best to create the illusion that the starting and completed images are closer than they appear. By using before and after pictures directly next to each other in their advertising, you are shown the first step and the last, typically leaving out everything that it takes to cross over. The energy, sacrifice, adjustments and other details are not revealed until you are well into the program. The success-to-failure ratios in these programs are seldom revealed, but make no mistake about it, if you are to succeed, a transformation must take place!

Self Image

How you see yourself is critical in the transformation process! If you cannot visualize yourself leaner, thinner and healthier you can become your own victim of self sabotage. This is the main source for the Yo-Yo dieting effect.

What You Eat vs How You Move, What's More Important?

"You cannot out-train a bad diet!" The body needs fuel!


It is important to surround yourself with people that support you and your transformational efforts. It is very common for friends and family to become jealous once your efforts start to become visible, especially those that have been closest to you.

The Most Important Element To A Successful Transformation

The Deliberate Creation of A "Personal Fitness Philosophy"

My favorite question to ask someone who has struggled with trying to "Lose Weight" for years is, "Do you have a Personal Fitness Philosophy?" The answer is almost always the same...

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