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Deliberately Created Personal Fitness Philosophies are the top business offering from During Fitness to individuals. This 60-Day program gives people the insight and leverage to take back control over what they eat and how they exercise.
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Adam Bricker

Old School Wins the Day!

Adam Bricker is a forward-thinking and innovative fitness philosopher. His ability to see what others miss allows for the creation of plans and strategies specifically designed to overcome obstacles that have previously prevented his clients from successfully attaining their goals. Focused in the business world, his high-impact solutions have helped manufacturers, corporations, franchisors, schools and associations across the globe reach their goals to increase revenue, attract more clients and improve public support.

Recently Bricker successfully helped launch an innovation nutritional planner to national prominence despite the dietitian’s lack of business prowess. The fringe benefit of this account had a profound effect on his personal life as Bricker was able to reach his own fitness goal that had alluded him for eight years. At the suggestion of the dietician, Bricker innovatively applied his own proven business techniques to his fitness plan, and subsequently reached his goals in just 60 days with no willpower needed. This innovative application to the weight loss industry has now been packaged as the Deliberate Creation of a Personal Fitness Philosophy.

It’s a proven process of understanding beliefs and restructuring them in a favorable manner that accelerates successful completion of the targeted goals. Specifically in Bricker’s case, he could not get excited about losing weight by eliminating things he enjoyed in life. “I’m not a loser,” Exclaimed Bricker, “I work hard for what I want and I move forward with full force… restricting my access to some of my favorite pleasures just doesn’t motivate me!”

Embracing his uncanny intuition, Adam formulated a high-impact plan to take advantage of his energetic belief structure. He changed his goal from “I want to lose weight” to “I am building a Powerful Physique.” The results were almost instantaneous as his focus shifted to eating and moving in ways to build his body stronger which concurrently burned off his excess fat.

It’s Bricker’s innovative touch of aligning goals with beliefs that has insured his success in the business world and within the fitness industry.

When a person fails to achieve successful results multiple times in multiple programs, it’s almost always an alignment issue between their beliefs and their desired outcomes. The biggest barricade to their success can be removed, usually very easily, once it is identified. The process to identify these hidden self-image beliefs is what Adam has brought to the fitness industry and what makes Bricker worth talking to.

In a private conversation of less than 90 minutes, Bricker helps his clients reveal to themselves the hidden beliefs that have sabotaged their fitness and weightloss goals. It’s emotional, it takes courage, but done with focus and determination, the process will realign the client’s beliefs with their goals, thus positioning them to overcome obstacles that have previously prevented them from achieving their goals.

Bricker works individually with clients via phone, skype or in person interviews.

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