Adam Bricker

Fitness Philosopher

Through the Deliberate creation of Personal Fitness Philosophies, I Liberate people from the habits that seemingly control their actions.

Nobody cares how much I know, until they know how much I care.


This Philosophical approach to fitness defeats "out of control" and "self-sabotage" while at the same time eliminating the need for discipline and willpower. Everyone already has a Personal Fitness Philosophy, the problem being, most have not taken time to deliberately create their own, so that it yields the results they desire.



The most advanced Nutritional supplement program I have used is the 3-step Thrive concept that features Derma-Fusion Technology. Some nutrients taken on an empty stomach, some taken with digestive enzymes and the rest transferred into the body through the skin to avoid destruction from stomach acids. Thrive is the Lifestyle changer.


As a Certified FitCoach I help people increase their lean muscle mass using high-tech digital fitness equipment at the Koko FitClub. This advanced approach to Physical fitness uses unique equipment, computer programs & algorithms to make muscle building faster and more efficient, while in a clean and friendly environment.


As a Contributing Author for Fitness For You For Life Magazine, I Educate readers on innovative transformational strategies that maximize their results from training, eating and thinking. Providing the missing piece to people's personal puzzles is my life's passion and this publication encourages sharing their content.


A Special Note To Those That Know Me Through The Automotive Industry:

I recently spent three years working at prosperous BMW and MINI dealerships in South Florida where I learned more about people than I could have ever imagined. Make no doubt about it, some very special people came into my life because of my position. I am truly grateful for those who own, run and maintain these dealerships at a quality level that is so high, they become the benchmark for others to follow. I appreciate the customers who purchased their cars through me and the trust they put in me. 

Above all, I learned more about myself, my goals and my passions while selling cars and interacting with a huge variety of people from all walks of life!

Transformation is clearly seen in the body and on the face!

Make no mistake about it...
The change in Philosophy is what created the change on the outside.



When you master your Philosophy everything flows easily,
it is no longer about hard work and discipline.


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  • If it's not a diet and it's not a fitness plan, what is a Personal Fitness Philosophy? ANSWER

Wishing you an amazing future that sees your dreams come true, whatever they may be. 

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