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Personal Fitness Philosophy

The Deliberate Creation of A
Personal Fitness Philosophy

My favorite question to ask someone who has struggled with trying to "Lose Weight" for years is, "Do you have a Personal Fitness Philosophy?" The answer is almost always the same... "NO"

Most people actually believe that they do not have a personal fitness philosophy. Of course, they do, and you do too. Our mission here is to help you realize you do because it is this belief structure that keeps you where you are now and governs your actions surrounding food, nutrition and exercise.


Yes You Do. You have a Personal Fitness Philosophy

If you cannot follow a diet... If you feel out of control... If you self-sabotage your diet plan... then you are trying to act outside of your Personal Fitness Philosophy, but because you are blind to it, it stays in control and prevents you from accomplishing easy tasks, such as being in absolute, 100% control of what you put into your mouth.


Here's the problem with most of the Personal Fitness Philosophies that I meet for the first time... People do not know they exist, they are unaware that their ability to lose weight is tied directly to a belief system they are blind to. And to make it even more interesting, they never created this powerful set of beliefs, it was created for them by their parents, by their teachers, by their mentors and by their environment.


The great news is that most people I meet are incredibly well adept at following their unknown Personal Fitness Philosophy! They are compelled to follow this unwritten doctrine to such detail that they can't seem to lose weight no matter how much they try!


The solution is so simple and it is completely in alignment with Human Nature...

Deliberately Create your own Personal Fitness Philosophy. When competently created, this underlying controlling system will consistently keep you on the course you prefer. You will start to see the results you seek and it will be easier to follow diets and meal plans.


Remember, if you are consistently getting results you prefer not to have, and it seems incredibly hard to break those patterns, you are probably being guided by a personal fitness philosophy that you unknowing picked up in your youth and/or during highly emotional experiences in life.


The great news is there is a wonderful solution. We have a 60-day program that helps people to identify specific elements within their existing personal fitness philosophy that keep them stuck, reveals how to take control of those elements and then replace them with a Deliberately Created Personal Fitness Philosophy that they prefer to have.

Get started today and take control of your life, your eating, your fitness and finally get the results you desire.


Throughout history philosophers from every land had important insight on the importance of keeping the body strong and healthy.

If you keep doing what you've been doing,
You'll keep getting what you have been getting.



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