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The DELIBERATE creation of a Personal Fitness Philosophy
Will LIBERATE man - & woman - from the habits that bind them

About Us

Like so many other discoveries and inventions, our incredible program was created from years of repeated failures and a relentless persuit of success. Using persistence and determination, each failed attempt to lose weight proved just to be a way that did not work. When success finally hit, it hit so fast and so hard that it was undeniable!


The missing ingredient, the reason so many people fail at achieveing their results from diets, has been available at all times, but it sat hidden for years. It remains hidden to most. It's so easily accessible that the people who achieve their fitness goals, use it on a daily basis, and even most of them are unaware of its presence.

We have put together a 60-Day program to Liberate people from the issues that stop so many of us from achieving what we desire from diets and fitness programs. This program is designed for people who have attempted to lose weight at least 4 times and failed. If it was 5 or 6 times, or even 10 or 12 that's even better. If this is sounds like you, please prepare yourself to finally achieve your desired results.

Remember, it took Thomas Edison over 10,000 creations of light bulbs that didn't work to find one that worked reliably each time and it changed the way the world functions at night. We will show you how to leverage your previously failed attempts by using a Deliberately Created Personal Fitness Philosophy to identify and overcome what is really standing between you and the successful achievement of your fitness results.




How Fit Fo YOU Want To Be?


Today's fitness programs and diets make you believe that you need to become a fitness model to be successful. The hours and efforts can sometimes be so overboard it seems impossible.


We take a much different appraoch to helping you achieve the fitness level you desire. We start with a self discovery process that flushes out any reasons you may have had for struggles with weight in the past. Not the excuses you usually tell yourself, but the real reasons you have not, yet, found what you are looking for.

Then we set the game up to Win! Because you are a winner, not a loser. The concept of losing on purpose is unnatural for humans without the desire to find what was lost. Philosophically it's not the right mindset. You are a winner and you will win with us!






My favorite question to ask someone who has struggled with trying to "Lose Weight" for years is, "Do you have a Personal Fitness Philosophy?" The answer is almost always the same... "NO"

Most people actually believe that they do not have a personal fitness philosophy. Of course, they do, and you do too. Our mission here is to to help you realize you do because... it is this belief structure that keeps you where you are now and governs your actions surrounding food, nutrition and exercise.


Yes, You have a Personal Fitness Philosophy, you just did not deliberately create it, so if you are still struggling with eating issues, it is not delivering results you desire.


I am excited to say that there is an opportunity for Philosophy to play a role in your life here in the 21st century. You may have already tried diets, personal trainers, dieticians, and gyms... who would have thought it would be a Modern Day Philosopher who finally helps you gain control of your body and your fitness?

Personal Fitness Philosophy

After you get a clear mental picture of the body that you would prefer to have, you create a path to get there. Most people just pick an "off the shelf" diet that does not respect the following philosophical rules... and they wonder why it doesn't work for them.

Reset Your Self Image

Massively Important!

Your habits will guide you to act so that your body reflects your self image. You MUST change the way you see yourself in your mind to create lasting change in your body. Neglecting this stage is the number one cause of self sabotage.

The Power Of Nature

Massively Important!

There are certain laws of nature that MUST be respected for you to take control of what you eat and how you eat. To ignore these powerful, natural forces will cause stress, anxiety and the feeling of being out of control.


Internal Construction

Massively Important!

Starting a diet without preparing your mind properly is like starting a construction project without knowing the location. Your thoughts and feelings will create barriers that prevent the successful completion of your project.


Let's get this party started!


You'll be embarking on a 60-Day Revolutionary Journey
with Fitness Philosopher Adam Bricker


It includes one-on-one consultations during a self-discovery process
Three Per Week as we get started and then less as you learn to use the tools
Transformational Strategies applied to your individual situation
Reviews as your historical progress through eating and fitness
Philosophical tools missing from most diets

The creation of your own Personal Fitness Philosophy
Input on nutrition, diet plans and exercise from multiple sources
One week of focused set-up once your PFP is in place
Four weeks of Go! Go! Go! When you put your plan into action

On-line support and Group support

Get clear on where you are, and more importantly, why you are there
and what is keeping you there, no matter what you try.
Decide where you want to be and create a plan to get there.
Set things up to win!
Take action and Go! Go! Go! to get some impactful results


Let's Go Get The Results You Have Been Looking For
The entire 60-Day program is $2500


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Let's Get Started

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I am so happy and grateful for taking that leap of faith which was so far out of my comfort zone! Everything I knew about fitness failed me, until I knew everything about myself.

PS: Nobody cares how much I know, until they know how much I care.

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